Biography and public information

My name is Zlatko Grozl, and i’m a human doing.

I was born many moons ago in outskirts of Banja Luka, Bosnia, in a village known as Kuljeni, and….  Man, i’m really tired of having to repeat this story.  Wait, why don’t i just show you this short video instead?

I think the above video covers a lot about my early life.

Zlatko Grozl is a local area multi-instrumentalist who immigrated to the United States two decades ago to escape persecution and find a new home. Having played in many local venues, including Funk and Waffles in Syracuse, Utica Brews and Tramontaine Café in Utica, and elsewhere, he is a seasoned performer with many different aspects to his music. His original songs are melodic and though provoking, while his covers do the original artists the justice that they deserve. Zlatko also loves to perform foreign songs that he heard when he was a very young boy, which means that his performances are quite varied in style and approach. In other words, simply be ready for the unexpected. Zlatko uses live recording or “looping” technology to layer his guitars and is often labeled as a “one man band.” His performances are entertaining and engaging, and he loves to bring joy to people’s faces.

Contact me. I am on youtube, instagram and twitter.

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